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A flexible fitness programme to support a balanced healthy life. Join us online and in-person.

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Hi, I’m Matthew

Your Instructor

Matt has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. With a background in theatre he first approached a career in fitness through Zumba, subsequently qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga instructor.


Start Your Journey

Create a balanced schedule 

With a flexible choice of classes, you have the option to take sessions to suit your mood, energy levels and combine workouts to support a balanced approach to your lifestyle. 


All classes are designed to be safe but also designed with a sense of fun. Too much of one thing often leads to apathy or worse, burnout or injury. One of the foundations of fitness theory is that the body needs to be challenged by change. You need new stimuli both physically and mentally to develop and grow. To get the most from our programme of classes we recommend combining contrasting workouts, so that you get the best benefits from each session.


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